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This is an online rendition of:

Dictionary of Glengarry Biography

     by Royce MacGillivray

It begins by presenting pages which are close replicas of the actual pages in the book, however, when it comes to the actual individual biographies, each person is presented as a separate webpage. At the bottom of each biography page are four navigation arrows. Selecting the 'go to the beginning' arrow will bring you back here. Selecting either of the 'previous' or 'next' arrow will allow you to move incrementally through the biographies. Selecting the 'go to the end' arrow will take you to the quick index. From there, just select the entry you wish to see, and you will immediately be presented with the biography entry for that particular person. On any page, if a word or phrase is green, it is a link, and selecting it will move you to the referenced item - as you will see at the end of this page..

A few things to note: This is a reproduction of the published text. We will not add/delete or update an entry. However if you find a typo or some other minor issue with an entry please report it to
The citations for each entry contain abbreviations for many sources. You can find these by searching for the page References and Abbreviations.

If you would like the print version of the Dictionary of Glengarry Biography, it is available in our online store.

So without further ado, select 'this' to start…. or 'Subjects' to go to the list of subjects (names and a brief description), or 'Quick List' to go to the Quick reference (names only) index….

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