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references [Dictionary of Glengarry Biography]

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References and Abbreviations

ag repagricultural representative
ANBAmerican National Biography
AnglinAnglin, R.W., “Glengarrians at Queen’s,” The Queen’s Review, 32:3 (March 1958) Reprinted in Glengarry Life (1991)
AOArchives of Ontario
AO-FArchives of Ontario–Papers of Col. Alexander Fraser, former archivist of Ontario
AO-RRMArchives of Ontario–Papers of R. R. (Big Rory) McLennan
AO-SCArchives of Ontario–Surrogate Court records. SDG wills on microfilm
AO-TPArchives of Ontario–Township Papers,[AO-TP (2:7 Lochiel) means Township Papers for Lot 2, 7th Concession Lochiel Twp]
Apple Hill (1982)1882 Apple Hill 1982: 100 Years of Good Will (1982)
Armstrong F. H.Armstrong, Handbook of Upper Canadian Chronology (revised ed., 1985)
ASC Alexandria scrap book. Compiled by an unknown person or persons apparently in the Alexandria area. Ewan Ross borrowed the original from Sister Mary Clair MacDonald (see in this dictionary) in 1978, and photocopied it into two volumes now in present author’s collection, designated here i and ii, numbering his pages as used herein.
BCARSBritish Columbia Archives
BeldenIllustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Ontario.(1879) Page numbers refer to 1972 reprint by Cumming.
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CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (political party)
CEFCanadian Expeditionary Force
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CF Cornwall Freeholder
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DNBDictionary of National Biography [Great Britain]
Domesday Book Manuscript volume of Ontario land grants, by concession and lot, formerly in Patents Office, Queen’s Park, now in Crown Land Registry Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Peterborough
DPQDictionnaire des parlementaires du Québec 1792-1992 (1993)
DTL Down the Lane [column in Standard Freeholder]
Dumbrille (1954)Dorothy Dumbrille, Up and Down the Glens (1954)
Dumbrille (1956)Dorothy Dumbrille, Braggart in My Step (1956)
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GCGlengarry, Glengarry County
GHSGlengarry Historical Society
GleanerGleaner [Huntingdon County, Quebec, newspaper]
GNGlengarry News
GN supplement 1903Glengarry News, special Christmas historical supplement, 1903
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Grant (1975)Rhodes Grant,(iii) Centennial: 1875 1975 2075: a Story of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Martintown (1975)
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JPJustice of the Peace
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Kenyon Church ReportAnnual printed report of Kenyon Presbyterian Church, Dunvegan; includes lists of baptisms, marriages, deaths
KRRNYKing’s Royal Regiment of New York
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MLAMember of the Legislative Assembly [Provincial]
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MPMember of Parliament [Federal]
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NLNational Library of Canada, (now Library and Archives Canada)
NUCThe National Union Catalog: Pre-1956 imprints
NWCNorth West Company
OACOntario Agricultural College
ODictOxford Dictionary of National Biography
Old Boys 1906Souvenir of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Commemorating Old Boys’ Reunion at Cornwall, Ontario August 11-15, 1906 (1906)
Old Boys 1926Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry Old Boys’ Re-Union: Cornwall, Ontario … 1926: Official Souvenir Booklet (1926)
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Purcell 1887Text of proceedings at the Cornwall trial (1888) re Glengarry County federal election of 1887, and other materials relating to the trial, from Purcell v. Kennedy, in files of Supreme Court of Canada.
QARQueen’s Alumni Review [title varies over the years]
QFQuote From this source unless otherwise attributed, or noted as first, second,…
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SDGStormont, Dundas and Glengarry, (United Counties of)
Second ReportSecond Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario … 1904 (Toronto, 1905)
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UTAUniversity of Toronto Archives
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WitnessWitness, Montreal Witness, Montreal Daily Witness [newspaper]
WoodGertrude Wood’s letters to Ewan Ross, copies in present author’s collection
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WorrallLily Worrall, ed., Avonmore (1985)
Williamstown 200Two Hundred Years of Sharing: A Bi-Centennial Sketch of Williamstown, Ontario (1983)
WSCWilliamstown scrap book. Collection of disbound scrapbook pages from the Williamstown-area owned by the present author, who has assigned the page numbers used
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