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Appendix I

NOTE: It was indicated in the Introduction that a revised history will be prepared when some additional source documents are located. If any reader has any contribution, including comments or anecdotes, to make to this project the author would be truly grateful.

List of Identified Glengarry Telephone Employees

  • Jeannine (Beauchamp) Séguin
  • Yolande (Belair) Séguin
  • Sarah Brodie (deceased)
  • Frances (Chisholm) Olsen
  • Claire (Crevier) McGee (deceased)
  • Rhéal Fournier
  • Thelma (Gelineau) McDonald
  • Agathe (Girard) Ouimet (deceased)
  • Lillian (Hay) MacDonald
  • Mary (Kennedy) MacCormick
  • Margaret (Lacroix) Deschamps
  • Shirley (MacDonald) Campbell
  • Jessie MacGillivray (deceased)
  • Charlotte MacKinnon (deceased)
  • Marjorie (MacLeod) McCaskill
  • Jean (MacMillan) Walker
  • Christena (McCormick) MacSweyn
  • May (McCrimmon) McCallum
  • Florence (McDonald) Phillips (deceased)
  • Helen (McDonald) MacDonell
  • Helen (McDonald) McCormick
  • Donalda (McDonell) O’Brien (deceased)
  • Isabel (McMeekin) Fraser
  • Georgette Paiment
  • Dolores (Sabourin) Cuerrier
  • Muriel (Smith) McCallum
  • Agathe (St. Denis) Lepage
  • Claudette (St. Denis) Quesnel
  • Hèléne (St. Denis) Shennett
  • Denise Titley
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